Peaches have a tendency to split if the trees have a lot of rain after a hot, dry period. However, not all is lost. If the fruit is mature, just cut out the bad portion and enjoy making your favorite fruit recipe.

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What to Do With Split Peaches

Whenever you have a dry summer, or a dry period during a summer, followed by rain, we often have problems with our peaches and apricots because they may split. You’ll find some fruit will do that on a tree, and others will be just fine. The question is, “What can we do with the fruit that splits?”

If the fruit is mature enough, we can use them for anything we want to. Just cut out the split portion, and use the rest of the fruit. So, this is an example of a split peach. We can cut this portion out, and the rest of the peach will be fine as long as it’s mature enough.

This one is a little immature. Therefore, it won’t be good for much of anything. But, if it’s more mature, you can use this and just cut out the bad portions.

This peach split because it went through a dry period followed by a rain that was heavy enough to cause that peach to put too much water pressure inside the peach, which made it split. Whenever you get checked growth, followed by a rain or a heavy irrigation, you’ll take a chance that this may happen to some of your peaches.

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