Songbirds and Butterflies

Children Making a Birdhouse

Building a bird house is a great family activity.

Biodiversity is important for a healthy yard. Many gardeners try to attract songbirds, butterflies, and other wildlife because of the creatures' roles in feeding on insect pests and pollinating flowers.

Three basic things are needed to attract songbirds and butterflies to increase biodiversity in your yard: Food, water, and shelter.

Pyracantha Berries

These pyracantha berries provide winter food for birds.


Many birds, butterflies, and other wildlife prefer certain types of plants, and adding more of these types of plants will make your yard more inviting.


All animals need water to survive. Use a bird bath, fountain, or landscape pond to provide water. Shallow rocks that hold water are adequate to provide water for butterflies.


Different styles of birdhouses are used to attract different species. Many species of trees and shrubs also provide shelter to songbirds and butterflies.

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