Succulents make great houseplants because they don't require much care and grow well in homes where the humidity is low. There are many fun types to consider -- from fuzzy leaves to hanging plants. And some plants look like rocks!

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Succulent Plants for Your Home

We’ve seen a huge increase in the general public’s interest in cactus and succulents as houseplants – particularly succulents. Anything from Echeveria like this one, or here’s one with a fuzzy leaf. It has a pubescent leaf – if you want the scientific term, but it looks like it has white hairs all over it. It provides a softer, very different texture with these two very different plants. It gives us a nice variation that way.

Many people, of course, start with smaller plants like this Burro’s tail, or Donkey’s tail. It hangs over, and you can see it with multiple plants that have been made into a hanging basket. So either in a small pot or hanging basket, it makes a great plant.

We also have a Jade plant, which can get quite large. It does very well indoors as a succulent. And here is another in the same Crassula family called a Pogoda plant. You’ll notice that’s it’s very different the way the leaves are formed on the stem. It’s an entirely different plant, but they’re both in the same family.

We can go from that to a really unique one. This one is like a living stone. It’s called Lithops. You can see there are two small round clumps. Here is another one and some people call it a Basketball plant, and it’s another Euphorbia. It’s interesting because it’s spineless, and it’s smooth, which makes it unique. If you’ll take a look at this combination pot – we can see one of those here in this nice combination of assorted plants.

This feature story prepared with Alan Stevens, retired Kansas State University Research and Extension Specialist, Horticulture. For more information, visit your local county extension office or visit our website at

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