Communities can promote pride by planting flowers at busy intersections. See how Master Gardeners in Goodland planted a colorful flower berm to showcase plant varieties that thrive in western Kansas.

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Proven Winner Flowers

We’re at a busy intersection in Goodland, and it represents us. So, we wanted it to look as wonderful as possible. We decided to put Supertunia Vista Bubblegums on the front. Since it’s such a busy intersection, it gives the people a “wow” to look at. With the help of the city, we planted the Bubblegum petunias. Then, when we received our wonderful trial flowers from K-State, and we decided to work on different areas for test plots here on the back of the berm for the public to enjoy.

At the end of the berm are planters with different varieties of flowers that spill out and give us a great look. By putting them in pots with potting soil, we were able to spray the area and keep our bindweed under control. It worked very well for us this year.

On our berm, we’ve tried to stay with reds and yellows together, our purples, and our low growers. We put our Supertunia Vista Silverberries on the edge so that they would cover a lot of our problem in our weed control.

Our flowers have done quite well this year. We’re very excited, and the public has enjoyed it too. When we’re here working, we often have mothers with strollers come by and tell us how much they enjoy seeing the flowers.

In the berm, we’ve put nametags to encourage the public to come and look at the flowers. They can write the names down so that they can purchase these same type of flowers next year for themselves. So, it’s been a great asset to Goodland.

This has been the work of all the Master Gardeners here in our community. We want to encourage other communities to take a corner spot and by adding a few of these wonderful annuals that are proven winners from K-State, you can have landscaping that just explodes with color.

For more information, visit your local extension office, or visit our website. This feature story prepared with Carol Topliff, Kansas State University Research and Extension, Master Gardener.

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