A planting board is an easy to use tool that can help get the proper spacing when planting seeds or plants in your garden. This segment shows several features for a row-planting tool that can be used for many years -- and, it's easy to build yourself!

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Easy to Make Row Planting Board

This is a planting board. It’s just a regular board that has been cut in a certain pattern. We have deep notches cut at twelve, twenty-four, and thirty-six inches. And then we also have shallow notches cut in between those at every six inches. So, there is one here, here, and here… that allows you to easily tell how far apart your plants are when you place them. It’s very easy and simple to use to get the correct plant spacing when planting.

The other side is cut in a “V” shape, so that if you need to make a shallow furrow, you can put this in the soil and work it back and forth. Then you’ll have a furrow that is just the right depth for putting in seed. This is a very simple and useful tool that you can easily make.

This feature story prepared with Ward Upham, Kansas State University Research and Extension Research Assistant. For more information, visit your local county extension office or visit our website at KansasGreenYards.org.

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